Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman: A Lovable Genius

Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman: Surviving the Great Depression

Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman receiving an honorary degree from the University of Buffalo in 2009, via Wikipedia

Herbert A. Hauptman: World War II Veteran

Herbert A. Hauptman Returns Home

Modern Xray Crystallography Machine, via Boston College

Herbert A. Hauptman Develops the Shake and Bake Method

Herbert A. Hauptman: The Man Who Gave His Gifts

Herbert A. Hauptman: The First Mathematician to Win the Nobel Prize (1985)

Dr. Hauptman’s Nobel Prize photo for his work on Crystal Structures, via NobelPrize.org
  • As the first-ever mathematician to win the award (in 1985), Dr. Hauptman set a precedent for other mathematicians to gain laureateship, including John Forbes Nash Jr. (1994) and Robert J. Aumann (2005).
  • Ten former Townsend Harris High School students (including Dr. Hauptman) have won Nobel Prizes — more than any other public institution in the United States.

The Brilliant Lives of Famous Mathematicians



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