How Ryan Learned to Love Learning Math Again


Even though Ryan was nine years old and in the 4th-grade, he could only do math at a 1st-grade level. He needed all the help he could get to improve his math comprehension during homeschool.

1.) Challenges

Since Ryan was in 1st grade, he was always bullied and teased. For months, Ryan’s parents unsuccessfully pleaded with the school to switch Ryan to a new class. Ryan would come home, defeated, and depressed every day from school, unmotivated to do any learning.

2.) Finding Elephant Learning

Out of fierce determination to give Ryan the chance to love learning math again, his parents invested tons of time and money in finding useful resources. His mom adds, “We have no savings now. But we’re determined to help him rise and step into his purpose.”

3.) Ryan’s Experience With Elephant Learning

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4.) Ryan’s Results

  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 6 years
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 9 years
  • The difference after six months: 3 years

“Ryan now has the strong determination to rise above and step into his purpose” — Mom

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