Leonardo Pisano, The Mathematician Who Westernized the Hindu-Arabic Numerals

Fibonacci (1170–1250) Son of a Merchant

Monument of Leonardo da Pisa, done by artist Giovanni Paganucci in 1863, via Wikimedia

Fibonacci’s Liber Abaci

A page taken from Fibonacci’s Liber Abaci, via Wikimedia

Fibonacci Meets The Emperor

  1. Answer x3 + 2x2 + 10x = 20
  2. Find the perfect square that remains a perfect square when increased or decreased by 5.
  3. If three men share an amount of money in ½, ⅓, ⅙ and each person takes some money from this total amount until there is nothing left. In other words, the first man returns ½ of what he took, the second, ⅓, and the third, ⅙. When the total of what was returned is divided equally among the three, each has his correct share. What is the original amount of money and how much did each person get from the original sum?‍



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