Why You Need Tools Other Than Math Worksheets to Help Your Kid Become a Math Whiz

Connecting Math To The Real World

Students often struggle to connect math concepts to the real world. They can seem abstract or opaque when they are laid out with simple printed numbers and symbols on a page.

Gamification Is The Missing Link

Gamification is a strategy that introduces elements of playing a game to learning experiences, to engage and empower students. It’s a big part of how Elephant Learning is built, and we believe that it allows children to focus on learning and trying again.

Why Elephant Learning Is Better Than Math Worksheets

Where math worksheets wander into the abstract with simple printed symbols and numbers, Elephant Learning provides an imaginative and practical way for students to connect math concepts to the real world.

To Ace Math, Your Child Needs More Than A Worksheet

Although math worksheets will most likely stick around in your student’s future classes, they shouldn’t be the only tool they have to study and make progress in math. They lack the conceptual depth, flexibility, and room for growth that a tool like Elephant Learning provides.



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